A labor of queer love: the battle to preserve the history of LGBTQ+ games

LGBTQ+ Gaming Week 2021

LGBTQ+ Gaming Week

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Welcome to TechRadar’s LGBTQ+ Gaming Week 2021. During this week-long celebration, we’re highlighting topics and voices within the LGBTQ+ gaming community. Find out more here.

Today, queer gaming characters stride confidently onto our screens. Playable characters, like Alexios and Kassandra of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Ellie of The Last of Us, are queer, but not every aspect of their characters hinges on their sexuality. But how long has this been the case? Who walked so that Ellie could run?

Exploring the origins and evolution of queer games and characters, and preserving them for posterity, is a task that no one seemed willing to do. That is, until Adrienne Shaw of Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, took on the job.

The birth of the LGBTQ+ Video Game Archive

LGBTQ Video Game Archive

LGBTQ Video Game Archive (Image credit: LGBTQ Video Game Archive)

“After 10 years [of researching LGBTQ+ games], no one had done what I assumed would be an obvious project to do, so I figured that was a sign that I should do it,” Shaw laughs. 

“If I was ever done, I would actually be sad, because that would mean that there were no more new games to find, and nobody was making new games with queer content.”

Adrienne Shaw

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