Traditional Shuar lunch items. Credit: Samuel Urlacher Findings among children in Amazonian Ecuador offer
The Fox sisters: Kate (1838-92), Leah (1814-90) and Margaret (or Maggie) (1836-93). Lithograph after
New statistical model suggests an infected student returning home for Christmas would, on average,
The Platynereis dumerilii vascular system in three segments. Credit: © Song et al. /
An artist’s impression of quasar J0313-1806 showing the supermassive black hole and the extremely
Social media platform Parler was all but wiped off the internet last week, but
I’m getting to the point where there’s so much to stream that I don’t
Credit: Paderborn University, Besim Mazhiqi Researchers at Paderborn University have developed a new method
Massive deployment of Direct Air Capture could reverse the rise in global temperature well
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COVID-19 pneumonia spreads like multiple wildfires, leaving destroyed lung tissue in its wake. ‘This
GitHub is admitting that a Jewish employee was fired in error and is offering
Patient with serious brain injury can temporarily talk, walk, and recognize family members. A
A secret behind the workings of sunquakes – seismic activity on the Sun during
Amazon is facing a new lawsuit alleging that a deal between the company and
The global study examined hourly records of temperature, cloud cover, specific humidity, and precipitation.