Nvidia RTX 3080 stock might not exist, so here’s a keycap instead

That is one huge keyboard, right? Nope, it’s a custom keycap from Holyoops, with the design of a miniature Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card. And no, it doesn’t give you a boost in games while pressing shift to run. If you’re one of the many people who’ve not been able to get their hands on one of the best graphics cards on the market, then you could always pick one of these up – then stare longingly at your new shift key, just imagining…

When you mention the latest RTX 30 series graphics cards, it’s impossible not to mention the stock issues that plagued both Nvidia and AMD throughout 2020 and 2021. It seems that this item, funnily enough, is suffering from stock issues of its own, too. At the time of writing, there are 36 people on the waiting list to buy it.

Although the stock situation mirrors real life pretty accurately, the company could’ve further increased that realism by making an RTX or Radeon-inspired F5 key option – for all that refreshing you’ll be doing while trying to secure the real deal.

At a $32 price tag, it’s a bit expensive for a single keycap, veering  into the prices of the budget board on our best gaming keyboard guide. But, this is run of the mill for a bespoke artisan keycap – particularly one that’s made out of metal – and provides neat packaging for that ceremonious opening you deserve should you get your hands on one. And let’s face it, we’d still love one for the novelty.

If you find yourself joining the waiting list, just make sure to keep in mind compatibility. This is designed with Cherry MX switches and their equivalents in mind, making it unsuitable for lower profiles or those that fit a different stem. Even if you’re running a compatible switch, Holyoops has designed the RTX 3080 keycap with the ANSI layout in mind, meaning it’ll only fit the right shift key on ISO alternatives as the one to the left is notably shorter.

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