Small pieces of plastic are everywhere, stretching from urban environments to pristine wilderness. Left
On Earth right now, there are about 10 trillion gigabytes of digital data, and
The 30,000 or so genes making up the human genome contain the instructions vital
Organic semiconductors have earned a reputation as energy efficient materials in organic light emitting
People often think about human behavior in terms of what is happening in the
There are only so many ways to cram DNA into a cell’s nucleus, a
Bumping up your resolution or screen size is great, but one of the most
If you could peer into a particle physicist’s daydream, you might spy a vision
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Linux is fun! Huh. OK, so you don’t believe me. Mind me at the
Ever since RedHat pulled the plug on the CentOS project, the opensource community has
Apt-cache is a command-line tool that queries and displays available information about packages from
Humans may have inhabited what’s now southern Mexico surprisingly early, between 33,448 and 28,279
In a major scientific leap, University of Queensland researchers have created a quantum microscope
The movement of electrons can have a significantly greater influence on spintronic effects than
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