Scalpers auctioned nearly 7% of new Xbox consoles and 50,000 GeForce GPUs

Nearly 7 percent of all U.S. Xbox game consoles were resold on auction sites along with nearly 50,000 GeForce 30-series cards in recent months, according to a new study.

We covered data scientist Michael Driscoll’s initial scalper report in December. In newly published data, it appears that some 113,220 Xbox game consoles were resold on auction sites eBay and StockX, spanning both the “Xbox One” and “Xbox Series” generations. That’s enough to equal 6.85 percent of all Xboxes sold in the United States. Nvidia’s new graphics cards were almost as hot as Xbox consoles, with an astounding 49,580 Ampere GPUs resold on auction sites, according to Driscoll’s numbers.

Driscoll has been collecting the data from eBay and “stock market for things” site StockX for months now, and for people still on the hunt for new hardware, it’s not encouraging. The data runs from the on-sale date for each product until Thursday.

Driscoll’s data indicates:

  • Prices for the Xbox Series X are about 150 percent above MSRP.
  • Xbox One Series S resale prices have actually been on the increase.
  • The vast majority of resellers for both PC hardware and game consoles have sold 100 to 500 products.
  • Shoppers for scalped PC products will find better prices on smaller auction sites.
  • Tariffs may have driven up 10-series card prices by 50 percent, with prices of all Nvidia cards made in the last six years increasing.
  • About 41 percent of Ryzen 5000 “Zen 3” resellers sold five or more CPUs and are likely “devoted scalpers.”
  • Zen 2 and Zen resale prices went up 20 to 30 percent.
  • Core i9 prices decreased by 10 to 30 percent.

Xbox Series X and S

Driscoll’s latest update covers Microsoft’s hot Xbox Series X and S, and it shows resellers sold $70.7 million worth of Xbox consoles over the last few months for a profit of $14.7 million. But the eyebrow-raising figure is that nearly 7 percent of the new consoles went immediately up for resale rather than to the greater glory of gaming. Driscoll arrived at the 6.85 percent figure based on the completed sales he tracked compared to weekly sales figures from VGChartz, which put the number of new Xboxes sold at 1.56 million. 

Driscoll can only scrape eBay and StockX so it doesn’t count Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other forums, so he surmises that the 7 percent he accounted for winds up topping well north of 10 percent in the real world.

In the almost good news column, Driscoll said prices dropped before before Christmas significantly, but have been trending back up slowly. The number sold has also fallen, with about 100 Xbox Series S units selling a day now versus 300 at its peak. Xbox Series X units were closer to a brisk 800 per day at its height and are now in the 200 per day.

Driscoll’s numbers say cumulative profits have actually been in decline for scalpers but that may actually due to fewer units being sold from supply issues, rather than prices coming down for those who buy them.

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