You can expect Nvidia’s RTX 3060 to cost more than the 3060 Ti

Nvidia’s latest GPU announced at CES 2021, the RTX 3060, is set for a late February release. As spotted by Videocardz, UK hardware retailer CCL computers has multiple RTX 3060 models listed at £499.99 (approximately $684), which is the same UK MSRP as the RTX 3070 – although you won’t find one anywhere for that price. That’s a 66% increase on the $329 MSRP that Nvidia announced, with one lone RTX 3060 listed for a slightly less at £469 – although that’s still way above Nvidia’s MSRP.

This isn’t surprising, with the demand for all of the best graphics cards massively exceeding supply, and being listed by resellers and third-party retailers for a significant markup. Usually upon release, you could have the chance to get your hands on a card for the MSRP by picking up a reference card. But, since Nvidia has made the decision not to release RTX 3060 founders edition cards, it’s unlikely you’ll find an RTX 3060 for its suggested price tag in February.

Strangely, there are RTX 3060 Tis listed at the retailer for less than the standard 3060. We don’t yet know how the 3060 will perform in comparison to its Ti sibling. The 3060 will have 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM, which is 4GB more than the 3060 Ti variant, but it has 26% less CUDA cores and a narrower bus width. That extra video memory could come into its own in games that eat up VRAM, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Although this pricing sounds like bad news, remember that this is just one retailer in the UK, and we could see different prices elsewhere start to crop up.

But, if this is the sort of price that we see the RTX 3060 retailing for, the re-released RTX 2060 – which is rumoured to have an updated MSRP of $290 / €300 – could end up looking like a reasonably priced deal. If demand is high for that card, however, it could also end up being sold at a massively inflated price. The graphics card market is a confusing place right now…

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